We are thrilled repost a podcast from Anthropod, a series that makes current anthropology more accessible to wide audiences.

Particularly after this tumultuous week of immigration policies that both separated and held migrant families in makeshift captivity, it’s helpful to see the distinct yet connected logics and practices that enclose Black and Brown peoples.

In this episode AnthroPod travels to the Southern Califora Library to speak with Damien Sojoyner, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Irvine. Recorded in November 2017, the conversation begins by addressing the library itself, which has served as an archival institution as well as community organizing space in Los Angeles since the 1970s. We also discuss Sojoyner’s recent book project, First Strike: Educational Enclosures in Black Los Angeles, which critiques the trope of the school-to-prison pipeline by examining public schools in California as sites of enclosure for various forms of Black life. Scaling out, Sojoyner reflects on the current political moment, including educational policies under the Donald Drumpf administration and the relevance of racial capitalism to contemporary race relations in the United States.

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